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Accounting and taxation online is a tax advice service which offers financial and tax services in the Las Palmas area. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts about your tax obligations. Our business has many years of experience in this area so that our clients can be sure that they are up to date with their tax contributions meaning they will have no unpleasant surprises from the tax agency.

Tax advisory service

We know that having total control over our tax returns is complicated if you don’t have the adequate knowledge so using the services of a financial advisor online is a good option. Our company makes sure that all the businesses that we manage fulfil all their tax obligations whist finding the best options in each case.

 In this way, our financial advisory company online offers various tax services. This lets our clients on the running of their company while take care of all their tax obligations from the constitution of the legal form of a company to the payment of corporate taxes.

Our fiscal services

In these category there are different taxes for example the IRPF (personal income tax)

The IVA(VAT) or the IGIC (VAT in the Canary Islands). There are different forms that have to be completed depending on the type of tax to be paid.

To this end we provide comprehensive advice and we will fill in the forms for you.

Our advisor will take charge of processing the following taxes:

  • IRPF-Personal income tax
  • Tax declarations
  • IGIC- Canarias VAT
  • Corporation taxes
  • Special taxes

We will inform you of the amount due and the date it has to be paid by. Contact us without any obligation.

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