Financial advice in The Canary Islands

Management in The Canary Islands

In taxation and financial advice online, we can help you to have total control over the contracts and social security payments that have to be paid for each of your employees, as we are a financial advice service based in the Canary Islands with a wealth of experience in this sector. Over the years, we have worked with many satisfied clients which has made us a well-respected and trusted company in Las Palmas.

Labour assessment online in the Canary Islands

More and more we realise the importance of having a financial advisor who manages all of the writing of contracts in our business. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to find a good assessor for small or medium businesses. However, you will find the solution in Accounting and financial services online.


We form part of the financial advisors who have made the new situation their own and we specialise


In managing labour within companies always searching for and optimizing a balance between productivity and the costs of the company. You can check that we have worked with many businesses in the area and if not we can make you an appointment in any of the meeting places that we can offer you. We can work with you in any place thanks to our labour management service on line.

Accounting services and taxation online for labour matters

Our company will be at your side to perform tasks such as: payroll preparation, the calculation of social security contributions, employment contracts and the registration of your company in the social security. We will also solve any doubts you have when making financial settlements-los finiquitas and also manage sick due to illnesses or accidents.


In this time of COVID we can also manage the ERTE-money given to employees due to the current situation. Contact us and ask for a quote.

Financial advisors in the Canary Islands? Call accounting and business services online!

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